Ed Burrell

My Father, His Sister, Her Mother (Maternity Ward)
Install shot
8:42 loop
Screens, digitized Regular8 cinefilm, heirloom rocking horse, palette wood, muslin, prussian blue pigment, plaster bannister spindle casts, floorboards


RAF dress jacket, hook, gesso, wall paint, clip frame, water damaged photographic print, screen print, cross stitch, broken glass
Dimensions Variable

Swaddling, Kindling
Hamster cage and accessories, cross stitch, doorknob plaster casts, keys, key plaster casts, prussian blue pigment, tiles, broken glass, alumnium frame
approx 80cm in length

Girl with Magpie (Hilary)
Oil on Board
15 x 21 cm

Boy with Magpie (Dad)
Oil on Board
15 x 21 cm

Livingstone Road with Grid
Oil on Board
45 x 21 cm


Plumb Line With Weights (For Felix Gonzalez Torres)
Clip frames, letter, found unknown family tree, water damaged photographic print, string, blown lightbulbs
approx 170cm in height

Belly of the Beast
Heirloom unfinished rocking horse with internal timecaspule, palette wood, packing plastic
approx 150 cm in length

Can the Monster Speak?
Photographic prints, clip frames, testosterone in gel form, prussian blue pigment, broken glass, libyan postage stamp, letter
30 x 12 cm

Oil on Board
15 x 21 cm

Dormy Hotel (bewilderment)
Cross stitch on cotton, clip frame, plaster casts of bannister spindles, prussian blue pigment, pine shelf
30 x 42 cm (frame)

For Want of a Better Word
Cross stitch, coloured pencil on paper, clip frame, needle, prussian blue pigment, nails
15 x 10 cm

Plaster bannister casts, muslin
50 x 30 x 5 cm

Screenprint on tiles, muslin, pine
45 x 30